Kitchen Splashbacks: Why Choose Glass over Other Materials?

Kitchens are an important accessory for your home. Without them, your guests would not enjoy the nice meals, beverages and refreshments you serve them whenever they visit. The only problem you will encounter is the spills and splashing that comes with preparing delicacies in the kitchen. Stained walls and countertop sidewalls are a common sight in many kitchens. To avoid them, you should invest in a quality splashback that will help you keep the kitchen attractive and clean at all times. Read More 

Why You Should Incorporate Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

Splashbacks tend to  be a common feature in most kitchens. Not only can these splashbacks be used to enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen, but they also function to prevent staining happening on your walls at commonly used areas in the kitchen. However, in older homes, you will find that splashbacks were typically made from porcelain or ceramic tiles. Although these materials are durable, they are also porous. Hence, they tend to be prone to staining. Read More 

How to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Home Décor

If you are looking to add more colour and texture to your home's décor, you can't go wrong with mosaic tiles. There are actually a wide range of ways to use the tiles, from using them as a backsplash in your kitchen, to covering your bathtub with them. Here are some different ways to use colourful mosaic tiles in your interior décor. Use Them On the Wall in Various Patterns Read More 

Different Types of Window Glass You Might Consider for Home

When you need emergency glass repair for a broken window at home, you might take the opportunity to consider replacing that glass with something more durable, more insulating, or more secure than your old windows. All window glass is not alike, so you should understand and discuss your options with a glass installer when you call for emergency repair or replacement. Gas filled windows When glass is made for windows, gas can be added to the mixture. Read More 

Why Glass Doors Would Be an Ideal Addition to Your New Home

If you are constructing a home and are contemplating what type of materials to use, you should deviate from the normal conventional wood doors and opt for glass. Glass doors can be especially complementary if you have opted for a modern theme for your new residence. You can opt to have these doors installed as your main entry way as well as for various rooms around the residence. They do not require special framing so you can opt to have PVC, timber or even aluminium framing to hold them in place. Read More